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Gilbert Issues

Thank you Gilbert! We gathered the signatures needed to be on the Ballot. I look forward to seeing and listening to more Gilbert residents and businesses. We are scheduling "listening sessions" and planning to attend all types of events now. Anything from a church group meeting to a store celebration. We want to be there and get to know you, your organization, and businesses. Call 602-510-6562. VOTE CLARK AUGUST 2nd!

        Michael firmly believes in serving Gilbert with "Community First" always in mind.

  • Approach every decision and task using common sense and discernment. 
  • Work on fine tuning ADA policy for Gilbert.
  • Support Police, Fire, and all other First Responders! WILL NOT DEFUND these services!
  • Gilbert is the 3rd safest municipality in the USA. Let's continue to stay safe!
  • I do not believe in mandates.
  • I support building and staffing a Crime Lab in Gilbert. The lab is instrumental in gathering evidence to enable the department to charge and convict. 
  • Support building and development of a Family Advocacy Center. The FAC will help people with resources who have experienced a traumatic event resulting in a variety of physical and emotional responses.
  • Maintain zoning dedicated for apartments not to exceed 11% of multi family properties. Another way to say this is apartment will not exceed 3% of the total land mass of Gilbert under my watch.  
  • Develop programs for youth and adults looking to transition into the "trade" channels. 
  • Increase Gilbert's jail capacity by asking Chandler to vacate our jail.
  • Start a Police Equestrian Team. One place where this would be used is Regional Park.
  • Support the Reserve Fund for infrastructure, capital replacement and repair. Example, a new fire hydrate cost $7000.00. The Town of Gilbert found a way to maintain a fire hydrant for only $600.00 without kicking the can. At full build-out Gilbert will have 13,000 fire hydrants. This line item will save $89,000,000 in fire hydrant maintenance alone! Time is our friend and our enemy at the same time when it comes to replacement cost. This is why the Reserve Fund is so important.
  • Add specific road repair trucks for filling street cracks with the correct fill formula.
  • Conduct listening sessions with Gilbert residents and business owners.
  • Our Children's safety is our upmost concern. Step 2 Kid Alert & I are working to provide Kid Alert at a substantial discount to Gilbert residents.
  • Support Gilbert's "City of the Future". This project, three years in the running, will make sure Gilbert stays as one of the best places to live in the USA. 
  • Improve infrastructure and business development at the Northwest Corridor of Gilbert.
  • We need to be a good steward of the resources available and the assets we already have.
  • Always remember Gilbert's Heritage! I encourage you to visit and support HD South to better understand Gilbert's history. 
  • As your Town Councilmember I pledge to serve with responsibility, devotion, and transparency. I look forward to serve Gilbert residents, businesses, and visitors.
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Committee to Elect Michael Clark
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